Body Work massage


Body Work Massage with Jess

A holistic treatment with slow movements - full body inclusive. Shiatsu, deep tissue and profound relaxation.

Looking to decrease anxiety, treat your full body + feel amazing? This is for y-o-u!

These appointments are slow + deeply relaxing. your massage will typically cover the whole body to reach deeply + widely into our superficial + deep connections. primary modalities used are deep tissue and Shiatsu and both are usually used in each appointment.

You’ve got you covered- head to toe!

Body work Massage with Estevan

Estevan is here to bring you relaxation massage this summer while he studies to write and perform his board exams to become an RMT! These massages can be designed for either full body flow or more time focused to a specific region of the body, like back, neck and shoulders. This is for relaxation purposes and will leave you feeing de-stressed + energized!