My husband and I both saw Jenika once a week for over a year. She is an excellent therapist and helped us work through injuries and improve our quality of life. She is warm and welcoming and always asked how we were after our last session. She had just the right amount of strength and seemed to know exactly where we were holding tension. She offered stretches and exercises to target our specific issues. On top of all that, she is personable and offers a relaxing environment for treatments.
— S. HOISS, Kelowna BC

My recommendation is heartfelt and generous. This was my first experience with a regular therapist and I found it beneficial on so many levels. As you age you become somewhat complacent about the various twinges and pains. You explain them away as inevitable. After a few visits I realized that was not necessarily the case, and that it was still possible to have a functional, physical level of activity though not as vigorous as at 30, was pain free. This opens a whole new dimension. I found Jenika professional, interested and a joy to be around
— T. SWEENEY, Kelowna BC

I have had the pleasure of working along side Jenika for 2 years at our RMT clinic. You can always count on the kindness and compassion that Jenika readily offers to brighten your day. Her focus has always been her clients and offering effective and focused treatment adjusting to each of their specific needs. She carries herself with grace, professionalism and confidence and is self aware when communicating with her peers in meetings. Honesty, integrity and discipline seem to be fleeting characters these days and Jenika expresses all with ease. If you have the opportunity to be treated by or work with Jenika, you will leave with a great impression.

I have been going to see Jennika for over 6 months now. She was recommended by a good friend. My job includes long days on the computer and She has really helped my arms and neck. Also I had some knee pain for a couple of weeks and she worked her magic and no pain after one session. She always checks in at the beginning of the session to see if any other body part is hurting. I am not sore for days after the session, like I would be from my old RMT. She is very genuine and caring and you can tells that she loves what she does. I like that she stays current in her practice, she knows the body well and she also teaches massage students (I think they are very lucky to have her). Her studio is very clean and is a feel good space. She always offers tea or water after a session, and you are not
pushed out the door to leave in a hurry. I would highly recommend Jennika, she is a true gem!
When Jenika mentioned she was beginning to offer Reiki at her practice, I jumped at the chance to experience a session. I had never had it done before but knew a little about how it worked. I felt so comfortable and at ease in her space. She explained how the process worked, and asked what I felt I wanted to gain from the session. I was comfortable and confident in sharing my needs with her and we created a plan together. I had never experienced such a deep feeling of relaxation as I had during my reiki session. All of the many thoughts flowing through my head vanished and I began to go deeper into a full mind and body relaxation. It gave me an overwhelming sense of calmness and I left feeling refreshed and mindful. I would strongly recommend Jenika and her reiki sessions to anyone seeking clarity and overall sense of relaxation and calmness in our busy lives.