Yoga Offerings


Yin Yoga

Slow, deep stretches - sweet, chill music.

Yin yoga accesses deep structures, connective tissue + overactive muscles with long holds, purposeful postures + slow pace. While these postures can have an overall relaxing affect the aim is to actively seek the edge of your stretch sensation throughout the entirety of the hold. modifications are always offered + Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat, water + any supports you may need.


Yoga Nidra

Sleep yoga! The art of stillness + non-doing - A series of breath, body and awareness techniques designed to move you into progressive states of relaxation. Yoga Nidra is deeply restful and beneficial to your overall health and sense of self. Everyone is welcome. Bring a mat, water and any supports, pillows or blankets that will make you feel most cozy.

Offered monthly - typically the first Thursday of the month. check our schedule for deets!




Connect with yourself - breathe. take a seat (or a-lie-down!) for half an hour and journey inwards.